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tv   Democracy 2024 South Carolina Primary  FOX News  February 24, 2024 8:00pm-10:00pm PST

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your kat you started a relationship with, business, friendship or other? it sounds like a focus question. the answer is, i picked somebody up in my cab on the way to seek me open for jeff caroline's and didn't believe me i was me and i was there and learned a hard lesson about the realities of being in comedy, you get paid weekly very quickly. thanks for watching fox news saturday night with jimmy failla. set your dvr 10:00 p.m. eastern every saturday on fox news. follow us on social media at as an saturday night and check out my three fox nation special streaming now and for more of me, i'm coming to a city near you on my everybody calm down to work kicks off next friday. tickets on sale at fox across ♪ good night from new york city. i will see you next saturday. you can be a republican from a you can be democrat all we ask is you don't be a -- ♪ >> the showdown in south
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carolina. >> he will cast one of the most important votes of your entire life. >> now is the time we make our choice. now is the time we show our country what south carolina is made of spin the president trump looking to deliver a knockout. >> with your help we are going to win this day this november we are going to win the white house and take back our country. >> a defiant governor haley down to hang on. >> south carolina will vote on saturday. but on sunday, i'll still be running for president. i'm not going anywhere. ♪ >> tonight the voters of her home state make their voices heard. our coverage of the south carolina primary starts right now. ♪
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it is 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and the polls are officially closed in the state of south carolina. good evening, i am bret baier. >> i am martha maccallum live at fox news headquarters for special coverage of the south carolina republican primary. fox news decision guest canal project former president donald trump will win the state gop primary trump now has three times as many delegates as former governor he haley and with these tonight, he could add up to 50 more. >> i'm on suspense tonight. she could not convert her hometown advantage into a win. she told supporters this week she was not dropping out of the race south carolina is the last of the early states with significant number of delegates at the start. we are keeping an eye on both trump and haley campaign headquarters we expect both candidates to speak soon. the former president heading into tonight with this message. >> we are going to have a
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dynamic to get a victory here in south carolina, we are going to show the radical left democrats that we are coming like a freight train in november to make this is nikki haley's home state of course and she served as governor here for six years she's struggle to score major endorsements for traction in the polls. when asked if a loss tonight in her home state would impact her campaign, she defiantly vowed she will stay through super tuesday. >> going to be campaigning all day today and then will keep going through super tuesday, that's as far as i have sought terms of going forward. we'll put out the public schedule of where we will be so we will keep on going. >> fox team coverage on the ground, both campaigns this hour, alexandra half as it trump headquarters in south carolina. mark meredith with the haley campaign was a great team standing by with analysis here. let's begin.
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>> the trump campaign came out and said even before polls closed and before they open, they shifted their focus one 100% to the general election. that's what you've been feeling in the rooms, the whole of confidence. we seen the confidence for weeks now. the former president only spent a fraction of the time and money and south carolina former governor haley as if speaking with voters along the way while we cannot hear what would you like to see more? they said we think he's been here enough, clement told us even if he didn't come to south carolina at all, he still likely win by the same margins and they anticipate he will tonight and that's the former president is looking for, the large double digit margin in helping it discourages haley from continuing along this path much further down the campaign earlier this week they project to the have to three and a half weeks it was secure enough delegates for the nomination.
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>> let's go get our first check in on how the state looks like, it's breaking down with bill hammer. >> i'm here to build the drama for you. >> saturday night new york. come on over here and the game here is delegates and this is where we start tonight. donald trump at 63, nikki haley at 17. i've got. 1215 together and take you throughout the night and show you drunken hit it. back to you. [laughter] >> trump campaign headquarters in the former president heading out right now. let's take a listen he's giving early acceptance speech of this victory. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> he's secured most of the big ticket endorsement in the state of south carolina and there he is next to the governor mcmaster and he has wasted no time coming out to take a victory lap a few minutes after 7:00 p.m. >> it's interesting in new hampshire, he did weights and he haley went out first and arguably that may have changed his speech that night and new hampshire. he kind of threw it out because he was kind of upset. i think this time early call and he's with the early speech, we forgot the musical intro here but you see governor mcmaster
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next to him and you see in the back former ambassador to great britain, woody johnson, he's got a lot of folks have said this is it about their hoping this is the end of this primary race but is not because nikki haley says she's going to stay. >> will hear from her no doubt shortly, she's committed as you heard moments ago staying enter tuesday august the first time we've heard her start to define the she's not thinking too far past that. former president donald trump was to be the next president and one south carolina. let's listen. >> that is really something, a little sooner than we anticipated. [cheering] and an even bigger win than we anticipated. i was just informed we got double the number of votes ever
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received in the great state of south carolina. that's pretty good so a record times two. [cheering] something going on in the country, for the great things going on. he looked outside and you see the horror, millions and millions of people going across the border illegally, but i know where they come from if they come from jails, they come from prisons, they come from all sorts of places we don't want to know where they come from, is to choose and insane asylums and we don't want that in our country. we are not going to stand for it. you have terrorists coming in, you have people coming in. we can't do it, couldn't sustain what's happening to the united states of america. we are going to straighten things out the border is the worst ever been. in 2016 we one and we had a bad border and i talked about the border a lot and i said we are
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going to fix it and we fixed it weekly and in 2020 we couldn't talk about although we did get millions of more boats a second time but now there's a spirit of never seen, we've run to great races. [cheering] is never been a spirit like this and i want to say i've never seen the republican party so unified as it is right now. [cheering] a big part of that is the people standing behind me. these are the biggest officials and south carolina but i say the biggest officials in our country is far as i'm concerned, state figures but national figures and in the truest sense of the word, they love our country so much and want to seek our country succeed and be respected again. right now we are a laughing stock all over the world, our country is going to be respected
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again, respected like never before. [cheering] this is a fantastic evening, and early evening and fantastic so you can go down and celebrate for about 15 minutes and then we have to get back to work because of the big day, the big day. michigan is coming up, we are doing great. they got sold out by this country. [cheering] but michigan is up and we will have a modest success and then we have a thing called super tuesday and i think we are leading 91 to seven. [cheering and applauding] if you don't mind, may i have the pleasure of introducing some credible people? [cheering] they stuck right from the beginning, the very moment we announced, they believe in make america great again. they believe in america first.
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we are putting america first. my family, don junior and kimberly, ivanka and jared, tiffany and michael, they are so supportive. so supportive, we really appreciate it and love them. we have a great family. we have incredible friends and we are going to be up here november 5 and we are going to look at joe biden and look him in the eye, he is destroying our country. we are going to say joe, you are fired. get out, get out, joe. you are fired. [cheering] [cheering and applauding] they are destroying our country and i just wish we could do it quicker. nine months is a long time. i just wish we could do it quicker, mr. governor. is there anything you can do with your powers to make that? in certain countries you are
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allowed to call your election date, if i had the right, i would do it tomorrow. we are having an election tomorrow. [cheering] henry, is there anything you can do? i want to start off because right from the beginning, henry mcmaster, the governor of this incredible state, and much more important his wife is with him all the way. [cheering] what a couple. i would like to ask him to say a few words, he's a special man, incredible governor. very popular in the state. he gave us good advice and he has from the beginning. from the day i announced i had the lieutenant governor, lieutenant governor and right at the beginning when i announced and i said, i don't know the gentleman, a secret? they said he's great and i said i hope so. within about two weeks, i said that guy is unbelievable. i never got the support of the governor, he supported somebody else but i have the support of somebody much better, henry
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mcmaster and we won in a landslide. i'd like to ask the governor to say a few words please. [cheering] >> thank you, mr. president. i'll be brief. i would like you all to remember this moment, this is a great moment in american history, will probably never see another one like it. every time a rocket launches, you know it goes up slow and it's climbing and climbing and boom, the next stage comes off the coast we just did that. we hit maximum philosophy. [cheering] >> i'm going to ask somebody else because he came on board and lindsay wanted him and lieutenant governor wanted him and everybody wanted him. henry and peggy so i thought he was okay but he didn't love speaking about himself because
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he's a good person. i have no problem with that. [laughter] what a personality. but he endorsed me and then we asked him do a few shows. they are very hostile and what he did, i said is this the same man? he campaigned nicely but he's a high-quality person when he was supporting me, the day he went out, tim scott, senator tim scott, he went out and he was ripping it. i said what happened to tim scott? what a dynamo. [cheering and applauding] he's been one of our great advocate on the he's been doing things unbelievable. i'm just very happy he didn't have same energy, drive because i think i probably would have been out of the race a long time ago. [laughter] i want to say a special man, i really do mean it, such great
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respect for him and you are very lucky to have him in the state. tim, please stand. [cheering and applauding] >> hello south carolina! [cheering] the longer i speak, the less you hear of him so let me ask one survey question and you better answer it loud and clear. his south carolina trump country? [cheering and applauding] >> thank you very much. really great job, amazing. not a lot of people know him, he doesn't do too much television, he happens to be a little further than some of on stage but i always say when i'm in trouble on the left i called up lindsey graham and he is
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straight there so fast. [cheering and applauding] i'll tell you -- no no, remember -- [booing] i love him, he's a good man. come up here. [cheering] >> okay. are you ready? america, the nightmare you are facing is just about over. [cheering] help is on the way. [cheering] this is the most qualified man to be president of the united states. [cheering] let it be said that south carolina created the biggest political come back in american history. [applause] >> thank you.
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so, i have a son, he's a very talented guy and he worked so hard and we love him and his wife is very good, she goes on. [cheering] i want to thank eric and laura for doing such a fantastic job. [cheering] really amazing, amazing people. let's go down a little list of some of the people up here tonight because every one of them is a star in their own right and your lieutenant governor going places, you do know that, right? [cheering] really going places. speaker of the house mel smith, is coming up -- some of these people are busy, he's running to get over here but we want to thank you, speaker of the house, fantastic person for doing a great job in the state. attorney general and lately winning a lot of cases, who have
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such a good attorney general in new york. [laughter] a great attorney general. allen wilson, thank you, alan. [cheering] his father happens to be appear, too. remember his famous you live -- remember? he's been loved ever since. treasurer curtis loftus, thank you very much wherever you may be. thank you, curtis. secretary of state, thank you, mark. [cheering and applauding] ambassador and this is a great ambassador, one of the best, anytime you have a problem, i would call it mcmullen and he would solve quickly. thank you very much. we have a man who's done a really good job in this state, south carolina gop chair, drew, thank you.
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[cheering and applauding] >> we have a highly opinionated the people. [laughter] they've turned very positive with you very quick, lindsay. you have a beautiful state right next to you, we love north carolina. they named their daughter, carolina and i said which state? she said both. [laughter] i think i know which state but that's okay. they have the most beautiful daughter named carolina so we love both of them, we love them both very much. one of the reasons the one north carolina, michael looks to me we
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gave him our endorsement and he looks to me like he's going to be going on to the national republican party as the boss. where is michael? thank you very much and he's going to be working with laura. [cheering and applauding] we may be putting killian in the group, too. we love kelly and but you're going to do a fantastic job, what a job he's done in north carolina. the evening of 2020 with those vote coming in, we are leading and pennsylvania and all of a sudden something happened and it went boom and we are leaning all over the place and boom we are leaning but north carolina, what are they going to drop ballots into that one? you know what he did? he kept doing that thing and we never had a problem and i said that's my kind of guy. he had hundreds of lawyers, how
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many lawyers? he had 500 lawyers to make sure they didn't cheat and they didn't cheat in north carolina. [cheering] i said that's my kind of guy so i appreciate it. we are very proud of you, a fantastic job income election. from we used to have election night and now we have election. because these elections go on 48 days, 61 days indiana all this equipment and they are not, they will be announcing about three weeks from now, can you imagine? don't know what they are doing but you've done a fantastic job and we appreciate it, thank you. we have a lot of numbers of congress including members of congress and the audience full of energy and our party is full of energy like never before and i mean it. there's never been unity in our party. just the fact, we've had a lot
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of primaries in this state, the fact that we got double the number of votes in history, it's never been anything like that. who's ever heard of that? [cheering] we have members of congress with us, i'm proud of this one because they said that god would be great, we had somebody did a vote wasn't happy with. he voted to impeach her favorite president. [booing] until them, he love to have a boat back i can tell you but until then, until then, he was a man who couldn't be beaten. i said really, let's see i said who do we have that's good? the best we have is a man named russell fry and russell fry got out there and beat him so badly in the primaries, he have my support and he's been fantastic congressman so wherever you may be, hi, russell. what a great job. thank you very much.
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[cheering and applauding] we got rid of that one, a lot of them. i guess every one of them, almost every one of them. he and peters are all gone. nancy makes his here, noncontroversial person but she's a real advocate and she's become a real advocate and i appreciate it very much, appreciate it. she's a strong woman and we want strong women. william timmons, congressman william timmons, a fantastic warrior from our country. joe paulson, i spoke about him before, he's tough and smart and he and his beautiful wife produced a wonderful attorney general so thank you very much. you've done a fantastic job. michael walt knows more about the military probably then anybody and we see him on a lot they always want his opinion and
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he's got strong opinions and hates to see what's happening to our country but he will straighten it out and will straighten it out together. mike collins, michael collins. thank you. [applause] thank you, great job. noncontroversial person but a very good person, people to understand this is a very good person and he is a capable man, matt gaetz. [cheering and applauding] [cheering and applauding] that's impressive. i'm impressed. [cheering and applauding] [chanting]
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what's going on? how many people did you put a here? [laughter] that's it. before i forget, we have a group of people and i know this is okay with you from north carolina, it's about 60 women to travel all over the country with me, every time i'm out, we do a rally, it has to be a significant so usually rallies but think they are up to 121, they've done 100, beautiful women. obviously they are very wealthy, they look so wealthy and beautiful, look at them over here. [cheering and applauding] they travel all over the count country, way over 100 and i'm trying to figure out the husband from the have this wonderful husband. one of the husband's is standing right there, he is the smartest one of all. [laughter] i just want to thank you, your support is so incredible. i get out and it's like a breath of fresh air. i look at these incredible people and at least here we have
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one that's very close, you have to travel out to california, texas and all the other places. she very much appreciated. thank you. very special. a woman who is out campaigning today, she's the hardest worker, i said marjorie, this is marjorie taylor green -- [cheering] i said you don't have to -- [cheering] she went to a polling sector and she had the trump flag and she's waiting and i said marjorie, at 430, just about over. she said no, i'm staying longer. this is the hardest working -- wherever you are, the most incredible woman. she is respected by everybody, she is very marked. i'm just very happy she is on our side. i'm very happy she's on our side. so it's been an incredible
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period of time. we have a country that is a failing nation but we are not going to have a failing nation very long. we are not going to allow, we are not going to allow this to happen. we love our country, we love it dearly and will fight for our country, we are going to fight for our rights. we are not going to let this go on because it is not sustainable by any country. you cannot let, i believe the number by the time we get him out, remember the date, november 5 will be the most important date, perhaps in the history of our country. the election is november 5. we have michigan coming next week, super tuesday. we set a record so far and every single -- in iowa, we got the most votes in history times two just like this, the biggest margin and then we went to new hampshire.
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new hampshire and iowa, they been around a long time politically and we went to new hampshire and the most votes in the history, who has the most home runs? the most hit in baseball or who through the most touchdowns in football? who got the most points in basketball? very simple, we got the most votes in the history of new hampshire primary. that's a tremendous -- echoes back so many decades and we beat them. you have john f. kennedy, a lot of good people and we beat them by not a little bit but a lot. then we went virgin islands, i would do think the virgin islands because they made a strong play for the virgin islands and we got one 100% of the virgin islands and then of course nevada as you know, we went to nevada and got 99.6% of the vote and then they have a primary and this is no candida candidate, unknown candidate but
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this is no candidate. got 65% of the vote and they think i was the no candidate because it was a caucus and a primary and you have to know what you're doing, you have to go in the caucus, kat the primary but without falling into it, i think we won by 50 points or something like that. then we come here and what an honor visit. in south carolina i have one every primary by record in week one every election by record and people like these two and great governor and your great lieutenant governor and i have to say thank you very much. good job. [cheering] they make it easy and many of them, as i was announcing, it seems like a long time ago but as i was announcing before i finished this speech, they said we are endorsing trump. those are great friends.
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[cheering and applauding] had strong competitors, strong competitors but these were real friends. south carolina, thank you very much, go home and get rest. we have a lot of work ahead of us. we love you all, god bless you all. god bless you all. [cheering] thank you very much. god bless you. [cheering] >> former president donald trump with a huge win in south carolina coming out early. addressing supporters his room. he has a lot of supporters there and he went through a list of a lot of folks not from south carolina but happened to be on the campaign with him at every stop eating all of them, thinking his family. you heard briefly from senator tim scott who only had a one-liner there firing up the crowd and south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> he talked about unifying the country, he said they received
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more votes than ever in south carolina and feels good about that making sports comparisons there. also as you said, we heard from tim got a little bit talked about michael whatley will be the next are in teacher so little bit of information there so let's get a sense of these numbers out there, let's go to sandra smith who has result from our fox news butter analysis, what are you learning when you dig into these numbers? >> fox news butter analysis revealing as far as this stronger coalition, a key group in this voting block in south carolina revealing analysis when we dig into it and south carolina, some of the top findings were trump was strongest with voters on the ground, maga voters, make america great again, 87% supported donald trump. the very conservatives 84% support trump among rural residents there, 75% to 72% of
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white evangelical voters and 71% without college degrees went for donald trump. these are similar or even some cases greater percentages than we saw in new hampshire or iowa among gop voters. look at these key groups, we dug in and ask questions we didn't have in new hampshire or iowa, this is particular to south carolina. veteran household, military household, they largely broke for donald trump, a 30-point margin even after he criticized former governor haley national guard husband for not being around during the campaign. also another key group of courses women. we wanted to see how donald trump and nikki haley fared with this group, he even trumped nikki haley with the women voters in south carolina, 63% past the vote for him and new hampshire, remember the number was about 55% so he's winning
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with women in south carolina by even bigger numbers, a popular guy clearly. back to some of the top findings of the night, we asked voters what they like about donald trump. most say they see him as a nominee, a large majority say trump can win in november, that was important. they believe he will keep the country safe and fight for people like them and believe he has the mental capability to serve effectively as president. for the record, nikki haley does have lower support in each of those areas except for mental capacity. she does get trumped by about 20%, believe she has a good mother capacity to serve. another top finding of the night that shows many voters giving donald trump a pass on his legal woes. we asked in the previous primaries as well, many in south carolina say has done nothing wrong regarding the january 6
8:34 pm
case, the 2020 vote count, more than 53% were classified documents at his home in flori florida. another one of our top findings shows a bit of weakness for trump, it was this question we put to voters about whether or not to extreme to win the general election. one quarter of gop primary voters say he is too extreme to win in number, that's about twice as many feel that way about nikki haley. finally, you have to wonder if all the nikki haley voters will go on to support donald trump november if he does come the eventual nominee. here is the findings, when we asked, 39% say they will stay with the gop nominee for look at that number, 59% support nikki haley say they will not go on to support donald trump in the general election process among republican primary voters. that is the latest we have for you right now and we will have
8:35 pm
more. >> a lot of data there, thank you. let's bring in our panel, joining us in studio, david reno. kelly and called my, jessica tarlov. we also have trade joining our coverage as well. killian, we talked about michael whatley and he was talked about as terms to lead the rnc but there was a name that popped up, killian, i'm wondering if you knew about that. >> i think that was all script. i'm really happy to come tonight. this was news to me, i will give any rate news. seriously, this is a place donald trump dominated in 2016, after the south carolina prima primary, bush dropped out, we are not talking about what a disappointing loss this is for
8:36 pm
nikki haley a year ago when she ran, probably a great idea but the first in the south primary would be her home state police story after story this week for the south carolina voters we don't know her well, she has abandoned us, we didn't abandon her. i think the fact that more people moved to south carolina anymore residents in any other state followed by florida and texas in 2023 means there are people who don't really have an allegiance to her an affinity with her and that's fine except that this is a wholesale victo victory, every issue donald trump has elevated like immigration, border security, inflation, biden for example, by economics, foreign policy, these are the issues motivating people south carolina i was struck tonight to look at the crowd and hear the way president this. today he never mentioned the name nikki haley. that may be the best way to go. i think fewer insults, more insight but also move on biden,
8:37 pm
the signs in the audience said fire biden. they are moving on to november 5, people are afraid of biden and particularly harris, commander-in-chief. people need to focus on health that includes nikki haley, i served with her, we share a birthday and lots of the same values. i don't know what she's doing in the race because she can be an asset to help us defeat donald trump kamala harris. >> are we going to take a break? will take a quick break and we will be back with the rest of our panel as we continue to dig into tonight's results. there's a lot to talk about and primarily nikki haley and what she decides to do as we wait to hear from her, we are waiting for an update from her campaign in terms of when she will come out and look get to hear from the former governor of south carolina. official coverage continues. ♪
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she emphasizes foreign policy. she talks about ukraine and israel and matters of a kind and to some extent that donald trump does is fair to say foreign policy is viewed as a top issue by one in ten border the state of south carolina, we are a nation concerned about purity and border for sure, we see it time and time again but international issues, foreign policy issues very low on people's priorities what the next couple of years for whoever becomes president because the
8:44 pm
world, adversaries are not waiting to hold election before advancing on a number of fronts is going to be something the president is going to have to deal with that is an issue low on voters mindset the tells us something about the way the primary sees what's going on on the republican side for sure. >> let's bring in dana, the two things nikki haley has been running on in the largest way president trump can't win a general election, the argument is made and chaos follows him everywhere he goes. when you look at the clear average, but head-to-head right now has her up by 4.9 against biden and the former president of by 1.9 so it looks at least in her home state she's not succeeded in that argument, what you think? >> this is the night of conclusions and many people had already come to peace with that including nikki haley because she gave the speech five days
8:45 pm
ago tuesday and she basically lays out on probably not going to win my home state and she knows that but the most important and goal is the one on election day. right after new hampshire, the second state to go i believe it's january 29, she said i have to do better in south carolina and i did here in hampshire and when asked, what is it like? i don't think it meant this kind of a result is you will get more numbers on the board. however, you said she said the campaign continues. campaigns continue because they have money, she has a lot of donors and the donors are looking at that general election number against biden saying shortly republicans are going to come to their senses, aren't they? look at this and say this is how they went but republican's aren't necessarily the ones who are like we are going to chalk up electability is our number one issue, that's not there issue. people like who they like and you have to realize that's going to happen.
8:46 pm
they just announced this morning they are going to spend seven figures on more ads but at the same time i believe just result tonight, and we are going to hear from her soon, one thing naturally going to happen is diminishment of national media attention called earned media attention. you can buy at time but that start to fade into the background like how do you make news when you're going into super tuesday in a position like it's hard? >> nikki haley did spend a lot of money and south carolina and the former president did not as far as packed money and his own personal money yet the lead was big. trey gaddy, congressman, in the victory speech, the former president said he's never seen the republican party so unified as it is right now. he did not mention nikki haley in that speech. your thoughts on what it means and tonight and south carolina. >> a much better acceptance
8:47 pm
speech if you will, he had humor, he was self-deprecating which is not something the former president is great at. a long list of thank youse, he didn't say anything about ambassador haley who either way, he picked to be the un ambassador. in terms of unity, has he looked at the house of representatives lately? has he looked at the gop senate i don't see a unified party, i see the party where over half of her supporters right now would not vote for him so maybe the belief is we don't need anyone else. i don't think so. his tone tonight, the content was immigration, that's fine. the tone was more a general election tone. the question is can he keep it? for nikki haley, having a strategy where you wait for your opponent to catch a bad cold or good conviction is not going to
8:48 pm
be a winning strategy. the only explanation for why she would stay in his some health calamity or hoping he gets convicted and i don't think either will happen. >> in case of emergency break glass is not a great one for sticker but she is continuing from what we see. jessica tarlov, your thoughts on tonight and how this starts to look at the general election and what we are looking at with former president strength in these states. >> i guess this is three in a row, i would say congratulations to former president trump, he's doing something incredible, it's clear the primary basis, caucus basis are really into him but the big election is a member for and that's what democrats are focused on and independence and 59% of nikki haley's voters say they won't support him in the general election if he is the republican nominee. that mirrors what we have been
8:49 pm
seeing in iowa and new hampshire and that's what he needs to work on so yes, a lot better that he had come up to talk about nikki haley so he will let her first. one in the introduction, i talked about how president trump didn't have to spend time in south carolina, that should be nikki haley who gets to be out of the state and has such great surrogates she can spend her time focus on super tuesday states. the other thing was hearing from people who live in south carolina and blue at the centers and the charleston and talking about nikki haley ads and the content they were about how she's going to be joe biden and democrats don't want to hear that. if they are open to conversion, even disaffected democrats, they want to be talking about beating donald trump and then she would have from the day she becomes the nominee until election day to convert them, to make the case that we can have a more prosperous america, she can be the steady hand we needed. there are democrat feeling like
8:50 pm
the first three years joe biden presidency isn't what they expected. the 79% is a trump can win the general election, that's maga face primary kind of base, not realistic in a polarized country at this level and democrats are praying from the final message? this is what everyone wants. they want biden to be trump and that's what we are preparing for and that's what are as look like and trump knows he's running against biden. this is all a show but if you've got money, i guess -- >> you can feel the gravity of the magic, it's what the country appears to want and tonight we are getting more about. it's interesting from up there was a effort which we've seen in the past to pull some voters over to vote for haley in this case who are really democrat voters and numbers show for intent of voters say although they voted for nikki haley, they wouldn't vote for her in the fall, they will vote for joe biden or --
8:51 pm
>> is a question about disaffected republicans and what they really not vote for the nominee or are they just saying that right now? do they come home? it's a question we have get to figure out but we are figuring out is where the numbers are right now and you know who has that. >> i to see you again. the state party chair of south carolina was on earlier today talking about 2016. multiple candidates and south carolina, i will show you in a moment but 765,000 bill that primary and they were thinking it would get upwards of 850,000 this year to candidates on the ballot so we will see whether or not they get to that number. right now 14%, 14% have been reported already. before he was at home, before the night began, let's put it that way. this is where we were eight
8:52 pm
years ago in 2016. i will put the map on the moti motion, multiple candidates, marco rubio is in this teal blue, he did well. this is columbia, the capital city of richmond county and in charleston county in the atlantic ocean so if i come back to 2024, look what's happening in south carolina with trump and read and nikki haley in orange, a comparison eight years ago, she has a slight edge here in richmond county and in charleston, a small county over here along the border with georgia so let's see what she's doing in the capital city which appears to be where she would find favorable voters in south carolina. 17% of the votes and now, she's at 64% holding two to one over trump in columbia county. charleston, another big company, 346. right now 37% of the vote
8:53 pm
reported. she's got a two to one margin on donald trump. what was it eight years ago? is this where it ends up tonight? check this and see where we are in 2016. donald trump lost by one to marco rubio, one, one and a half with multiple candidates to take you back in time. let's go forward and find out from a 13 and a half% and right now eight years later this is where we are, nikki haley at 63.7%. dana mentioned a moment ago in new hampshire in the northeast, it's been a month, several weeks now, and new hampshire this is where it ended up. nikki haley at 42%. she said i need to do better than what i did in new hampshire so he will come down real-time tonight in south carolina and for the record, she is doing slightly better, 43% as of this moment with a lot of not vote still out there included this
8:54 pm
one right here, you see the gray on the map, purple haze to show you, this is the remaining vote. the deeper the purple you see on the map behind me, the more vote is still out there. cisa state, this is greenville month the number one paralytic county and the entire state and right now there's nothing in from greenville so we've got a ways to go. whether or not we can say nikki haley hold onto that 42%. >> let's explain to folks why we can make that production at 7:00 o'clock. polls close, we had all of our data, just starting to come in. it was so massive the spread. >> without our folks in the field for five days in south carolina and taking the polls of 2000 tello carolinians and we go back and contact them repeatedly find out whether or not they are firm in their boat and based on
8:55 pm
the we can ask other questions about the issues that are important to them in south carolina in 2024. based on those numbers, our folks in the field get a good idea how south carolina is going to turn out. one thing i found interesting in the exit.we've conducted, some of the surveys i should say over the past five days on the issues of immigration. in 2016 south carolina, the economy was far the number one issue. you should check in at 10%. this year the%. all of these stories we been doing of the border, bill melugin and griff jenkins and teams down there for the past three years and you think about the story the past couple days in georgia, don't think that's not on the minds people in south carolina as they were talking to us the past week down there. >> clearly something former president emphasized when he came out tonight, he knows the
8:56 pm
concerns he expressed back in 2015 when he came down the escalator about immigration now and even more potent issue across the country and we see it in all the polling. the other think before we take a break, a lot of the early vote which they have nine days to do in south carolina is the first book to get counted and expected to be a little more heavy on the haley side. we will see if that turns out to be the case but you see the spread is a little tighter in that could change over time. >> talking about immigration. iowa, new hampshire, south carolina exponentially the number one issue. we are keeping an eye on the campaign headquarters in south carolina, her remarks plus a stacked line up ahead, special coverage of the south carolina gop primary roles up. ♪ my dry eye's made me a burning, stinging, 5-times-a-day,... smearing drops user. i want another option that's not another drop. tyrvaya.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you are just attuning on the fox news decision desk is projected a big win today per former president donald trump in the south carolina republican primary welcome back everybody to our special coverage i have mike mccallum progressive good evening the lead up to tonight nikki haley said her goal was to be quote competitive in south carolina her home state here is a look at where the race stands at this hour performer president donald trump speak to supporters just moments ago. even bigger win than we anticipated. i was just informed we got double the number of votes that hais ever been received in the great state of south carolina. so that is pretty good. it's a record time. quick south carolina has served as a presidential bellwether of sorts for the past 40 plus years all but one gop primary winner has gone on to become the
9:02 pm
party's nominee. we'll see what nikki haley has to say about tonight's results as we get more numbers across these boards coming in mark meredith is alive at her campaign headquarters in charlestown. so mark, what are hearing from the campaign and when do we expect dear for ambassador haley? >> martha we will get a little bit of a heads up before haley takes the stage so part of the campaign has stayed very quiet because they realize this is not the outcome they wanted to see. however all week long the haley campaign has tried to set if not lower expectations for how tonight is going to go. yes nikki haley spent a lot of time, money, resources in the state of subcomponent of we saw her earlier this week repeatedly have to come out and say no matter what happens tonight she's not going to walk out of the race. obviously that was a move that would allow her to say no matter what the results are we are going to keep going places like michigan where she's going tomorrow night. the campaign launching a new added buy into super tuesday
9:03 pm
states which of course super tuesday is approaching so soon. i got a feel for the dj the group either try to keep the party alive. it's a very small crowd out here for the haley campaign tonight. we'll see if the former governor has a lot to say when she comes out let's hear when she does in regreregards all right thank yoy much. we're hearing from a lot of voters in south carolina this evening new fox about her analysis shows close to half of them feel immigration is the most important issue in this election. this is a big theme. cork says we have seen iowa, new hampshire, every state we take polls in, immigration is leading over in neighboring georgia there's there develops the death of a 22-year-old news nursing student lincoln riley a is fox learns a suspect in her murder is an illegal immigrant originally from venezuela. madison is following the story from athens, georgia on bill anl melugin is live near the border in california.
9:04 pm
let's begin with madison, good evening. >> good evening brett, really a terribly devastating time for this whole community in athens, georgia 26-year-old josé antonio ware made his first court appearance this morning for the murder of lincoln riley and the judge denied him bond. she was murdered she was just going for a run on that ug a campus student celtic box where riley ran is very popular the is here illegally. >> we are very, very upset this could have easily been preventable not only on campus for safety measures but nationally this could be preventable. the fact people like nursing students are going out to save lives had to have their lives taken from them. that is so sad we had to prove this is a national safety issue through people like her.
9:05 pm
exit georgia governor brian kemp sent a letter to the buy by demonstration today demanding information about how he entered the country. he did not know the nursing student they're calling us a crime of opportunity riley died from blunt force trauma. the core nora says the official results of her autopsy won't be complete until monday at the earliest. he again is in that u.s. illegally is facing a long list of charges mouse murder, felony murder and hindering 8911 call among other charges. i do it to mention his older brother was also arrested during the investigation of riley's death for having a fake green card. >> thank you. now let's get to bill melugin near the southern border in california. bill, good evening. >> brett, good evening to you you would get another border patrol bus to show up here and
9:06 pm
conduct a massive release of illegal immigrants to city streets here in san diego. out step out to give you a lay of the scene here these people continue continued to bill overe with the men from china, and the middle east we've seen from india, from peru, central and south america. we had about nine vessels bulleted to several hundred mass releases take a video from early this morning this is what a firwhen hefirst buses pulled upn conducting another of the mass releases we have seen about 400 people dropped off here so far today all single adults no children no families. we continue to hear them coming in from all over the world. most of them have told us they are here looking for work where there is one man from africa though that told us he is here to claim asylum for a very specific reason, take a listen. >> are you from? >> i am from mauritania west africa? why did you come? >> because i am not free there and i am like a homosexual.
9:07 pm
they are muslims they do not accept that progress you're going to claim asylum? >> exactly. it's like take a look at this video was shot this a few hours ago. this a group of men from georgia who bennett mass release they were all wearing ankle monitors after they had been released and ice in custody they had getting into a taxicab and went off we overheard them saying they wanted to go to an airport. meanwhile the mayor of a nearby city was here today watching all the to the city is targeted for drop off next week he's not happy about what's going on, take a listen. >> i have been against opening our borders this is going to be a disaster of epic proportions. it is a humanitarian crisis it's also about order crisis. there's a lot to be concerned about and also national security crisis. >> back out here live this is what been single day some migrants turned down going on the free ngo bus the cabs pull up, they get into cabs in their off into the united states to an airport origin of the transit
9:08 pm
center we have been watching that all day long. brett and martha at the reason this is happening the local migrant shelter out here in san diego county funded by the taxpayers ran out of money on thursday was initially given about $3 million. they end up spending more than $6 million that money dried up. you can see the results will set it back to you. >> bill melugin long to board a thank you. you wonder why it's a big issue? you wonder why it irks people about this? the stories we've been doing for years on the border. bill has been down that he essentially has a condo on the board i think. [laughter] he has been covering this into beginning and that's right people are so pod. >> the reason he is in california now is because governor abbott has done a better job of protecting his own border in texas. now people are moving towards california a lot of the governors at the white house this week gavin newsom might want to check on what's happening at home let's check in with some of our panel dana, kayleigh, one williams and paul
9:09 pm
moro. let's begin with you. this horrific crime that happened in georgia, i believe will be hearing about this case throughout the course of the selection. this young woman could be anyone's daughter she is dead in the hands of this person from venezuela who is in the country illegally it's going to incense people across the country. >> yes it does feel like a watershed event, doesn't it? but in addition to this event we are going to be seeing similar events hopefully no word in this horrific raid fact remains that right now it's very clear it's becoming clearer every day we've had a cascading series of events that i would argue are playing into the hands of trump campaign because you staked out the stepe border issue so strongly. we have a cascading series of events that mostly seemed to be going to venezuela and venezuelan gangs they look a lot more organizing in on perceived even a few months ago. as this goes on for much like in 1980 with the qb ends as there's
9:10 pm
no place to send these folks. it's a lot of noise and being made by number politicians here in new york. at that mayor leveled the governor level when it's in the back, deport them et cetera but right now you're not the repatriation flights have been suspended there is no place to send these folks which means we have them for life. in a thing like this is the kind of strength only something of this could supplant the economy is in as a number one issue in e election. >> in new york you felt this change on this. in chicago you feel this change. in boston you feel this change. in some of these byt these placy city, sanctuary states do not want to be centuries anymore. do you see a direct line between the illegal immigration issue and crime issues in these big cities? and how do you see that? >> it feels like a perfect storm. what you have in these cities is where we are getting a new wave of immigrant crime a lack of a
9:11 pm
better term known to sing all the people coming over the border of perpetrators. we are past that discussion. there appeared particularly an effort to empty out the prisons and the saint asylum just like we had a 1980 and bring them here. all these things are coming together in a place like new york, chicago, san francisco, et cetera where there are mechanisms to prosecute this in key people inside does not exist i don't what to speculate was sought here but the venezuelan gang members who attack the police in times square. seeing is believing for this time around we see a lot more video than we have seen in the past. we cannot underestimate the impact of social media the stuff and bounces around, people see if they are outraged and as a result we see a shift of the electorate on this issue. >> very quickly could this be a gang initiation kind of murder
9:12 pm
on your experience with these kind of groups? what is certain certainly coulde law enforcement member when it's all those perpetrators were released from court and giving the finger to the paparazzi et cetera you knew right away these are hardened criminals. this is not their first rodeo. you know what you had their what's emerging is a venezuelan gangs only strong it's venezuela they are strong in other areas particularly ecuador which is a major launching point there's no visa requirement if you get to ecuador you can have your way here and that venezuelan gangs are strong their progress we hed from president biden was asked on the south lawn can you do more he said i can't, congress has to pass all these laws for me too act out immigration. now the white house is suggesting weights, maybe he can do more maybe we could do executive orders to change the dynamic how is that going to play on the issue of immigration? >> right now the democrats think it plays very well for them.
9:13 pm
remember. >> republicans have been saying since the beginning you could do this with executive orders you could change catch and release you can change remain in mexico. the president said no i need congress to act now the white house is in a chaos weekend. >> what they are saying now as they're willing to take the risk and go see with the courts can tell it what's going on in the white house is the present is consulting with his lawyers to see exactly what you can do in terms of executive order. in terms of a larger picture that you are talking about initially the idea was the ideal picture would be for congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform. they made tremendous concessions in terms of getting that package done nearly united states senate, senator mcconnell the republican leader in the senate bought into it. several large conservative organizations including the border agent and the chamber of commerce brought into the house
9:14 pm
republicans from the democrats perspective because of president trump winning it as a political issue said no i know what you get is an issue in which most voters refer prefer republicans in the democrat perspective democrats have a response. we gave republicans what they want and, border security, now president biden is willing to take executive action and take the risk of violating court orders. >> and got he had a break but dana see shaking her head. >> i love you juan, i said earlier this is that night a foregone conclusion to republicans at the night evelyn delusions for democrats if they believe that. lei'm just they made the news media pick that up they'll say the republicans really screwed up here. i don't the people believe that we have been talking to voters in chicago, and boss that they're not your typical maga voters but they are furious and the blame the president the present is not there to try to
9:15 pm
help them. two weeks ago there was an article on ask seo's or political one of the two that said for three years the biden team wanted to dismantle what trumpeted when they realize it's a problem they toss issue around a hot potato because nobody wanted to deal with it because it was a political loser. and it will be for them but what paul just pointed out it's a loser for all of us. >> are in the course of those three years, eight terrorists te entered the country? we see so many chinese people crossing yes not all of them are here for nefarious purposes but it only takes a couple of spies to get in across the border it's a huge concern. >> controller was yelling we have to go to a break. but i saw dana we had to get into god's curse works of president trump he is a great presidential campaign genius when it comes to ads he did the swift boat veterans for truth ads in 2004 which really have george w. bush in a very close election of john kerry.
9:16 pm
do you think chris will not be able to take all of the video that we have seen about these migrants and destroyed your biden's message in question are. >> admits his own campaign it's every day fo for the team for s. click here looking live at the haley campaign headquarters in south carolina there's a lot of science going up and down we have no clue the former governor of south carolina is coming out. we expect those are marked very soon. when you get them you will see them
9:17 pm
9:18 pm
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9:20 pm
from harold ford junior welcome to both of you. carol, let's argue and get your thoughts about seen so far in south carolina. >> well, we are seeing a good night for donald trump who is sitting now about 60% of the vote nikki haley at about 40%. , to me looking at the numbers the exit polls in looking at the numbers as they come in from the counties we have two republican parties here we have a republican party that maga oriented and there's a part it's not. in the state as south carolina it's about a 60/40 split and they are not happy with each other. the exit polling showing a significant number of nikki haley voters say at this point they won't be voting for donald trump. granted that is today an estimate closer to the fall election that's likely to diminish its incumbent upon the winner to do everything he can to unite the party.
9:21 pm
while donald trump did a good job of acknowledging the people who win he did not much of a job at all of trying to unite the party of compline and the opposition thing is time to come together, of trying to set a positive tone. even his rally demonstrated some of the tension inside the party introduced lindsey graham who is boot introduce the republican state chairman who was buddha. for our part of the republican party is pretty broken right now so i did take a lot of time and energy leadership to pull it back together. >> currently get back to what you just mentioned is right now in these surveys the voters are saying i'm not going to vote for donald trump. i'm not going to do at the not saying they're going to vote for joe biden if it's not nikki haley. but you don't think those voters will come home if it is a binary choice about donald trump versus joe biden? >> yes, a lot of them well but the question is, will be enough?
9:22 pm
last time around donald trump took 90% of the republicans and a minority of the independence was behind by 7 million votes. he's got to do better than he did last time i don't if you saw today but his press secretary took a two before jude nikki haley chris is a friend of mine in whom i have enormous respect for said they were going to give her a kicking in south carolina this is not the language of unity. this is not the gracious winner of the guy is out in front and winning 60 -- 40 in her home state this is the kind of stuff that taunts you a you a junior h football games. there is a moment you need to begin uniting the party and we did not see it tonight pick out the spring harold ford junior. harold, your reaction to what we're seeing hear from the democrats perspective as they look at what is clearly shaping up to be very dominant role for
9:23 pm
the former president and a strong desire on the part of the first of four states to see him be their candidate. >> thank you for having me. i look at this not as a democrat but the way karl is looking at this too with perh to with perha democratic hat on. this is a good night for former president trumbo if you look at the numbers and now we end the night he does not end with this solid six handle in front of his number it's probably a different night than they thought they would have a special would you consider some of the numbers we are reporting on some of our exit numbers analysis showing 60% of her supporter governor haley supporters say at this point they may not support president trump or would be reluctant to do that. you have to consider that. this is a contrast to carl's point when we were in new hampshire i'm sorry in iowa president trump's message that night and his disposition was very magnanimous. tonight, not so much it seemed a
9:24 pm
toughtougher a little more stri. a little more desperate from the standpoint he wants governor haley out of the race. two, the flipside of this if you're looking at it from a democrat side is that they are 60% of republicans in south carolina which is a conservative state a representative sample of conservative republicans who say they have some reluctance about president trump. two, if you look at it president trump the good side as he has a lot of middle-class and working-class voters voters who have been with democrats in the past. that being said it seems to me this race is shaping up to be a social issue challenge for both sides the issue that wins will likely favor the candidate. abortion versus immigration. president biden has shown a willingness to negotiate and do things that are uncomfortable for democrats who want border security siding with some things democrats did not want him to in the border security
9:25 pm
negotiations. and even president trump distancing himself from the alabama supreme court as relate to the ibf ruling. these issues will get more pointed and more specific but the telltale for tonight's is that whatever you want to think about governor haley and help magnanimous president trump could have been, evan or hailey's been very specific and very poignant in her criticisms of president trump. the question is how quickly can those fissures can that golfs be bridged when you get to a general election? i got to think if i were advising her tonight i would ask her to wait in long as she could to see how narrow the numbers might get how close these numbers might get because that indeed will indicate the kind of tone and forcefulness she will have on her remar in her remarks evening. >> only britt back brit hume to carlton harold bringing the party together for party unity is a little tough when you have someone sharpening their elbows in this campaign as nikki haley
9:26 pm
has jemima, to new hampshire to south carolina yet not getting the votes to back it up. as you look at the haley campaign, what do you think? the whole argument about party unity? parse a couple of things appeared .in terms of party unie seen in presidential campaigns iand primary season campaigns as bitter as this or angry as this going back further than i care to tell you. [laughter] parties do have a way sometimes of pulling together even if they only finally come together at a convention so there is plenty of time for that. i'm not saying trump is willing to do it. i'm saying there's time for him to do so if he tries he is capable of being magnanimous he showed us that earlier in the primary season. as fred nikki haley in the great mystery seems to be why is she still going strong?
9:27 pm
we see no evidence where she going to go? where will she finally win? when will she rack up delegates to compete with them and nobody seems to have an answer to that question my own thought about this and it is just a thought is i think she is looking at this party and saying there is clearly based on the poll numbers on the boat tallied three or think there's clearly a non- trump wing of the republican party a split party as karl eloquently points out. i think she may be looking had seheadsand someone is going to t that wing of the party when all is said and done here. if trump runs and wins will have four more years of him and i cannot imagine he would try again after that if he loses i guess he could he can fp wins again. she is looking to inherit that wing of the party which based on the results trump will bring us, will grow. that is the theory it's about the best i can do when it's to try to figure out when nikki
9:28 pm
haley is up too. she ha is campaign with dignityd assert grace and certainly with the termination through practicing a lot of campaigns reagan, bush got heated in the primary but they came together. i had nikki haley on special report the other day she said it is done i am not going to be vp the desolate former president trump is choosing her so that may not be one of that unity issues bringing together that bt choice but we will see. we're watching haley campaign headquarters in south carolina we expect her remarks at any moment now and we will bring them to you when she comes on
9:29 pm
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very special with the fact that she was a lawyer in india and she was named one of the first female judges. and because of the times she was never able to sit on the bench. but the fact that she could go with me and cast her ballot for her daughter as president of the united states was an amazing. i want to thank my parents who
9:33 pm
taught me strength and grace. i want to thank my parents, who have been unbelievably supportive through all of this. and i want to thank my brothers and my sister and their families for always supporting us every step of the way. thank you. i feel blessed tonight. i've felt blessed through this entire journey, even when it's been tough. i haven't lost sight of that, but i've felt god's strength and grace every step of the way. i'm blessed to have served the state that raised me. and i look forward to continuing to be blessed to serve the state that raised me. whether it's going and voting with my mom or whether it is being with our family, we're
9:34 pm
very grateful for the good people of south carolina. thank you. and it's a blessing to know that across our sweet state, everyone wants to bring back the america we know and love. that's the underlying message of what happened today. i want to congratulate donald trump on his victory. and i want to thank the people of south carolina for using the power of your voice. no matter the result, it's i love the people of our state. i love what we accomplished together. and i love how we unite during our worst challenges and tragedies. yes, yes yes. i've
9:35 pm
always seen our state as a family for families are honest with each other. they say the hard truths. yes, that's what i've done this entire campaign and that's what i'll do now. yes what i saw today was south carolina's frustration with our country's direction. i've seen that same frustration nationwide, and i share it. i feel it to my core. i couldn't be more worried about america. it seems like our country is falling apart. but here's the thing america will come apart if we make the wrong choices. this has never been about me or my political future. we need to beat joe biden in november. i
9:36 pm
don't believe donald trump can beat joe biden. nearly every day. trump drives people away. they include with his comments. just yesterday. yes, today they in south carolina, we're getting around 40% of the vote. yes. that that's about what? that's about what we got in new hampshire to i'm going to count it. i know 40% is not 50, but i also know 40% is not some tiny group.
9:37 pm
picking, betting, betting getting ready, getting ready. every there there are huge numbers of voters in our republican primaries who are saying they want an alternate give. i said earlier this week that no matter what happens in south carolina, i would continue to run for president. i'm a woman of my word.
9:38 pm
me me me me me me me. i'm not giving up this fight. when a majority of americans do disapprove of both. donald trump and joe biden. south carolina has spoken. we're the fourth state to do so in the next ten days. another 21 states and territories will speak. they they have the right to a real choice. not a soviet style election with only one candidate out. and i have a duty to give them that choice. we can't afford four more years of biden's failures. or trump's
9:39 pm
lack of focus. we're at $34 trillion in debt and counting. not even a third of our eighth graders are proficient in reading for families can't afford groceries. 9 million illegals have come to our border with enough fentanyl to kill every single american. and beyond our borders, the world is on fire. war is spreading further every day. if we aren't strong, those wars will draw america further in. that's right. and it's not just about policies. we won't get out of our downward spiral spiral if we keep obsessing over the past . it does. does anyone seriously think joe biden or donald trump will unite our country to solve our problems?
9:40 pm
one of them calls his fellow americans fascists, the other calls his fellow americans vermin. they aren't fighting for our country's future. they're demanding we fight each other. yes yes, the younger generation, my children's generation knows it better than anyone. yes, they deserve better. they deserve leadership . and so i will keep fighting for them and for you and for all of america. thank you. from the start of this campaign, i have made
9:41 pm
clear that i'm running for president to save america. i'm running to remind us what it means to be an american. in the america i know and love. we believe in each other, and we believe in america's inherent goodness. now is the time to renew that belief. yes now is the time to remember who we are . we're citizens of the greatest country in human history. to our generation. new lesson, new essay usa, usa. and we must lead now more than ever before. your yes, i'm grateful to south carolina. i always have been and i always will be.
9:42 pm
and i'm grateful that today is not the end of our story. we're headed to michigan tomorrow. and we're headed to the super tuesday states throughout all of next week. we'll keep fighting for america, and we won't rest until america wins. i want to give a few thank yous because we have had some people who've really there have been too many to thank, but i really have to single out congressman ralph norman. ralph has had pressure on him from every side that he needed to not support
9:43 pm
me, and that he needed to step away from me. and he always said, there's no way in hell yeah, yeah, i want to thank senators. senator tom davis. represent nathan ballantyne. and representative mike niece, who were there for. we had other supporters, but they were constant. be there. tom, you've been there from the very beginning. nathan. you'll forever be my desk mate. mike. i won't know what to do if i don't see you at an event, but i am truly, truly grateful. solicitor scarlett wilson and duffy stone. amazing rock stars for our state that we should all be proud of. mayor brenda bethune really stepped up. the mayor of myrtle beach. she was absolutely fantastic. former
9:44 pm
congressman gresham barrett. you know the story behind and me and gresham is we had we duked it out in our first primary when i ran for governor and to have him call me and say , not only do i want to help you, i will do whatever you need me to do. gresham, thank you for the prayers. thank you for the text. thank you for the encouragement. i am grateful for that and everybody needs a friend like bubba cromer. la la la la la la la la. very interesting speech tonight from nikki haley. it is causing a
9:45 pm
lot of people to analyze exactly what she's trying to say here about continuing this race. let's go down to columbia, south carolina, and we're going to get back to our panel here in just a moment. but john roberts is on the scene there standing by john. she talked about continuing this race. she did not, as far as i heard, use the word republican in terms of where she is going to do that. a lot of questions about what this speech means tonight, john. well, for the next couple of weeks, i think she'll hang in and she'll be a republican. there's a lot of talk about whether she might join a no labels ticket, but it's pretty clear that she is determined to stay in this, whether it's a contingency plan, as brett was saying, you know, break glass in case of emergency, see if trump were somehow to falter or if she's going down a different road. we can't tell at this point, but she is determined to hang in. i think karl rove mentioned this in sanders. smith mentioned this in the fox news voter analysis. the real key here is this 59% of haley
9:46 pm
voters who say that they would not vote for donald trump should he become the nominee. and that tracks with about 24% of the republican party, which is right along the lines of what that new york times siena poll showed us a year ago, almost a year ago now, in terms of the makeup of the republican party, in which there was about 25% of republicans who say that they are never trumpers. and i know that there are a large number of establishment republicans who are anti-trump, who would like to see nikki haley become a, quote, part of the resistance. now, it also could be said that you know, this is just part of the regular primary schedule. don't forget, in 2016, it was a knock down, drag out bear knuckle fight between now president or then president trump candidate trump, rather, and ted cruz. that went all the way until they made the third and the things that were said back and forth, you thought you could never ever take them back. but in the end, cruz got behind trump. trump probably became a stronger candidate because of it. it went on to win the
9:47 pm
election, but i think what you're seeing here is a real split, at least in her home state of south carolina, 40% of voters are saying, we do not want donald trump in the state that he won handily in 2020 and 2016. and what that bodes for the future will have to see. but it should be said that if things keep going the way that they're going and trump keeps the numbers up that he's got by the middle of march, this content contest, for all intents and purposes, will be over. then it's left to see what nikki haley would do going forward. okay, john. john, great point. thank you. you know, it's interesting as we talk about the no labels possibility, um, there are these things called sore loser laws where some states say that if you ran for an office on a different party, that you couldn't run and get ballot access, it would be a real legal fight. some experts say there would only be two states, so far involved, but others say it could be 28 states that you couldn't get on the ballot. if she chose to do some kind of no labels run. um. interestingly super tuesday, 11 of the 15
9:48 pm
states you don't have to be a registered republican to vote. so she could be playing for the independents. democrats and see how that plays. if she gets 40% or so in those states. but there's a lot to chew over here. yeah, there's a lot she didn't say in that speech that has opened the doors to people thinking that perhaps she's considering a third party run. and when i spoke with her, the other day, she said, i'm running as a republican right now. right now? well, more of a special coverage of the gop south carolina primary right after this. today, my friend, you did it. you did it. you did it. centrum silver is now clinically shown to support cognitive health in older adults. it's one more step towards taking charge of your health. so every day you can say you want centrum silver for gentle depending constipation relief. try seneca. it works differently than other
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your individual firmness and comfort. your sleep number setting. and actively cools and warms up to 13 degrees on either side. now, save 50% on the sleep number limited edition smart bed. plus 10% off all bases. ends monday. only at sleep number >> welcome back. we are getting more numbers in a big win for former president trump and let's see how it maps out. bill is at the board progress as a tool around the state shall way. >> roesch so arguers know at home there is a lot of election day boat that are still out
9:52 pm
there. you're about 57% reporting right now there is a lot about still to come in. whether it is the upstate or the midlands or the lowcountry the grand strand let's do a quick swirl right here and find out this is greenville county. is a lot of vote in greenville county that's because it's number one out of 46 in south carolina, 10% devote the entire state wide is in greenville you're going to see these numbers they're going to rotate a little more throughout the night here. for trump and haley this is richland county two out of 46, not even half of the votes reporting. but nikki haley is hanging in your this is columbia, the capitol city pop on down to the lowcountry now this is charles and her 23rd of the votes counted she's hanging tough in here as well. more boat out there but still at the moment almost two -- one on donald trump. in the lowcountry grand strand that's horry county, myrtle beach, this was donald trump's best county eight years ago right now let's check it half vote still out there he's almost
9:53 pm
66% of the vote. what i am seeing here in it's too early to say about take you back eight years, it is impossible a lot of these numbers hold up you see the counties here for eight years ago donald trump was all in red and marco rubio one columbia, richland county in one charleston. very similar map at the end of the night 43% has yet to be tabular that's a spin around the palmetto states piglets very nicely done final thoughts customer go-ahead regrets final thought should we sing it together? special coverage of south carolina gop primary continues right after th
9:54 pm
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>> now there is a spirit i have never seen i we ran to great r
9:56 pm
races. but there hasn't never been ever paid. >> i said earlier this week that no matter what happens in south carolina, i would continue to run for president. sherman took. [cheering] i am a woman of my word. >> interesting speeches from a former self coletta governor and the former president. a big win for former president trump in south carolina at let's bring our panel. dana then one williams and your thoughts tonight, big picture? what you heard from nikki haley and what this means in the big picture for donald trump? >> i've been around a lot of these candidate speeches. i've written a few. that was a no labels speech tonight by nikki haley bra prayt was a speech when she says no matter what i am running. when she trashes joe biden, trashes donald trump she is
9:57 pm
setting yourself up to run down the middle. and look what happened in south carolina she won according to the fox voter analysis independent voters bite 19 percentage points in the neighborhood that is only 7% of the people who voted in the primary which is why she got her clock cleaned and the primary buy donald trump but when you look at independent voters she sees a huge group out there and when you look at the country independent voters or 43% of the country, republicans are 27% democrats are 27%. she is looking ahead and sing a swath down the middle of the does not like biden does not like trump. i can feel it, i wash at my reaction was immediate she has declared why would she drop out of the race? she sees herself on the runway to something new when you see yourself on the runway you don't pull your plane off the road what you get ready to take off it. that's what she's doing tonight for. >> four weeks ago her campaign addresses very issue nikki has no interest in no labels she's happy with the republican label that's four weeks ago but a lot is happening for which she seems
9:58 pm
to have taken a keeled turn on the question of endorsing former president trump. she used to say of course i rather have trump them biden, sunday she says last thing on my mind is who i'm going to support her tax and gotten sharper. but, to the point of the vote or the nikki haley voted at 59% say they will not over donald trump is something i would look at closely five over president trump. when it clearly have whether that butter comes home our own fox news a poll in georgia, georgia at 91% of registered voters vote trump in a binary match up with content 90% north carolina 94%, michigan 93%. in a binary matchup the voter comes home a note labels candice will see she changes her mind. >> traditionally but does mean these voters to come home even if they did not like the other person in the primary that when it is in pioneering even if it is another person in the race traditionally they come home. >> guess was the most worried about this tonight? it is not donald trump for the reason kayleigh just said it.
9:59 pm
it is joe biden and harris remember what nikki haley said all along i am not running against biden i am running against harris. going to go back and diagram all the sentences to see what clues we can find she gave clues to both of you this week and interviews so there's more to come when i said she can get media attention i might be wrong because if you do decide to do something new on the runway that's i get news records to see the chart monday morning last lt not. >> in really good at using the far side. corrects a few seconds but one what is your reaction to that what you think the reaction is the joe biden camp tonight because no labels means they are to be a democrat on that ticket as well. >> right now democrats are worried aggressively concerned about eight note labels effort because they would take away some of those independent voters that are so critical but i've got to say sitting here listening to my friends, i think if nikki haley is running on a note labels take it s ticket she likely to do damage to people
10:00 pm
who are republican supporters of donald trump or. >> may be. >> will have a lot of time to analyze this. >> is lot of our colleagues to think we are crazy and she's not running on a no labels ticket. >> ait saturday night. [laughter] we can do a low crazy. alright thank you very much panel. as you look at the states coming up and super tuesday, again there is a long list of them 11 out of the 15 you do not have to be a republican you republicana democrat, independent all kinds of folks. thanks for joining in our special coverage of the south carolina primary, big win for former president donald trump regrets have a lot to talk on the big weekend show which is coming up and it starts right now but thank you for joining us tonight everybody. have a good night. >> good night. ♪ ♪


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